Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Theme Park: Wonderful Racing

Hello Bears! Long time no posts :)

(a little busy)

Anyway, we had a content patch last month in September which introduce Wonderful Theme Park and the Dark Lair. And recently announced by CC we will be having the next major content patch on 18 October, Saint Haven is coming!

New town, Level 32 cap.

Back to the story, the main characters for today's are:

XTobi (Paladin)

LaXx (Swordmaster)

SleezeBall (Swordmaster)

Seraphime (Force User)

How to enter Wonderful Racing?

Form a Team of 4 and enter the carnival entrance together. Wonderful Racing is the most left dungeon.

Once inside, Press I to open up your inventory, Mount tab and right-click on your horse. Its a automatic horse just for racing.

Gather up to the starting point and start racing!

Winners get prizes of as much as 8 to 20 wonderful tickets (exchangeable for gifts with the carnival NPC) and also items like Rough Diamonds.

Have fun!

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