Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Theme Park: Wonderful Racing

Hello Bears! Long time no posts :)

(a little busy)

Anyway, we had a content patch last month in September which introduce Wonderful Theme Park and the Dark Lair. And recently announced by CC we will be having the next major content patch on 18 October, Saint Haven is coming!

New town, Level 32 cap.

Back to the story, the main characters for today's are:

XTobi (Paladin)

LaXx (Swordmaster)

SleezeBall (Swordmaster)

Seraphime (Force User)

How to enter Wonderful Racing?

Form a Team of 4 and enter the carnival entrance together. Wonderful Racing is the most left dungeon.

Once inside, Press I to open up your inventory, Mount tab and right-click on your horse. Its a automatic horse just for racing.

Gather up to the starting point and start racing!

Winners get prizes of as much as 8 to 20 wonderful tickets (exchangeable for gifts with the carnival NPC) and also items like Rough Diamonds.

Have fun!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bears' Nest Run #1

Here it goes:

Priest: shadow 1493

Bowmaster: Elweth

Swordmaster: LaXx

Paladin: Sephonse

Zap Zap the cow.


Team picture, cheese!

We are still recruiting, current slot: 55/70.

Pm Sephonse, LaXx, Reixa in game and we will get back to you soon!

Yours Sincerely

Your Friendly Bear-Keeper

The Unofficial PvP Team #2

And so we went PvP as a group of 5 Bears again, with a random kia, a lucky kia with who play with us, because...

Well, the opponent team all left!

Oh well, easy colosseum points.

Well I accept any invitations for guild wars now, our team is keen :)

Note: Please do click on the pictures if they are blurry in this view.

Yours Sincerely

Your Friendly Bear-Keeper

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Unofficial PvP Team

GummiBears took up the Ancient Lane and welcome the public to come and PvP with us.

GummiBears: Rampage (SM), xTobi (PALA), Rinx (MERC), Sephonse (PALA)
Opponents: MERC, FU, PRZ, MERC

The pictures shall do the talking.

Opponent was well-balanced whereas we are full of melee and melee. Lost the 1st round but consecutively earn it back with..

Rinx's "3,2,1!"
3,2,1! is actually chiong in and full throttle :)

Victory of course!

End result.

The opponent challenge us to another round which was still victorious.

Bears please feedback to me if you are interested in Guild war of 4v4 or 8v8 so I can accept or send out invitations to other guilds.


Yours Sincerely

Your Friendly Bear-Keeper

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bear's Beginner Tips #2: How to earn Gold Fast?

Hello Bears! Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival! Too many mooncakes have left me with 2 little ulcers, with the potential to develop into big ulcer :(

Today's topic is as above. There are many ways of earning gold fast. A straightforward way is call farming for gold. Players go into Prayer's Resting Place (Master mode is the most effective) for frequent dungeon runs. You can expect silvers, golds, rare equipments, high grade plates, crafting materials (poison pills) when you down Manticore Keruru. Minions also provide Rough Agates which you can sell at least 20Gold for a stack, and also green equipments and codes.

Blue codes can be sold for a good price in Auction House, and we npc chunks and chunks of green codes away.

And do you npc away those green equipments too? If your answer is YES, you are missing alot of gold right now.

How much does npc give you for an equipment? 2 Silvers 75 Coppers.
By utilizing the disassembler, you can earn 65 Silvers for each equipment.


You have to enhance all your green equipments to +6 ~ +8 with the Blacksmith first.
Go to the disassembler which are situated in Gray Ruins, Cristal Stream, Frost Valley and Shadow Forest. Activate the disassembler and right-click your enhanced green equipments into it. Click Extract.

Do note that success rate applies to the disassembler. There is no 100% chance.

You can get comet dust, spiral codes and vortex codes from the disassembler. Our job is to collect comet dust into a single stack of 100pieces at least.

The above picture is blurred.

Register your stack of comet dust into Auction House. The current market price (as of 13th Sep 2011) is 65 Silver per unit price, meaning that 1 stack of 100 pieces comet dust can fetch you a price of 65 Gold!

Start comet-dusting today!

Yours sincerely

Your friendly Bear-Keeper

Friday, September 9, 2011

Updates: Red Army Seal Drops finally!

Tomorrow is Saturday and all nest runs and Auction House limits will be reset at 9am (GMT+8)!

Most of us is aware that there have been an abyss bunny glitch where the bunny doesn't drop us Red Army Commander Seal to defeat the General Ummanba.

The patch of 8th September 2011 fixes this. All Level 23 and above abyss dungeon bunny will drop 2 seals for each person, regardless of character level.

Tested and Proven on Dark Tower Magic Institute Abyss mode:

Do note that that the limit for each week is still 7 times. If you are making a elf queen/ancient set, and you need tons of epic powders, 7 times per week is not enough certainly. With each seal you are permitted to enter into Minotaur Nest, but make sure that killing General Ummanba will consume a run.

To farm epic powders for your set:

1. Do not kill General Ummanba, leave the dungeon after getting your powders

2. Farm and bring in lots of seals, killing his 2 Mr.Cow minions will drop the powder

3. Check what kind of powder that your set needs, so that you do not roll for the powder that you can't use

4. Always be aware that epic powder is bindable and cant be sealed for selling purposes

Finally, TGIF!

Yours Sincerely,

Your friendly Bear-Keeper

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bear's Beginner Tips #1: How To Level Up Fast

Hello Bears!

We have many new Bears player, and one of the most often asked question is:

How do I leave up fast??????

The answer is:

Main Quest, Sub Quest and Board Quest completion

Open up the map by pressing M

The Blue (!) means there is sub quests acceptable from it.

The Blue (?) means there is sub quests that is completed.

The love mark means there is friendship quests with that npc. (I will explain why it is important to be "friends" with npc in the next posts.)

And of course, a Yellow (!) are main quests and storyline of Dragon Nest.

Board Quests are acceptable in instances field, and they are normally situated outside the respective dungeons. Do note that you need to reach the level requirement of the dungeons in order for board quests to be available.

Completion of these quests gives an enormous amount of experience points and useful rewards (jewels, crafting materials and equipments). Most importantly, each quests have a specific story to it, which can help you to understand the world of Dragon Nest better.


1. Always complete Main Quests

2. Move on to sub quests and board quests

3. When you finish your last sub quests, you will certainly reach Level24

Tested and Tried by: The Bear-Keeper and her Veterans reached Lvl24 in 2~3 days! Remember to always check board quests before going into the dungeons. Accept 1 board quests so as to gain extra more experience points upon completing the dungeon runs.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Friendly Bear-Keeper

Bears, are you here?

As of 8th September 2011, this is our updated list of Bears in the Guild.

Please leave a comment here or pm me in-game if any Bear's name are left out!

Welcome to GummiBears!

Welcome to GummiBears!

We are a SG-based guild in Dragon Nest SEA, functional in Westwood Server.
Created on 28th August 2011, GummiBears' founders are a bunch of game-loving friends, and they have also taken up the role of Guild Master and Veterans.

The purpose of this blog is to keep our fellows Bears updated on the functions and features, news and additions of Dragon Nest SEA. Nest runs, guild trades and discussions will be planned and announced in this blog too.

Hello Bears and future Bears!
I am Sephonse, the friendly Bear-Keeper (guild master :)) of GummiBears.
As of 7th September we are at Guild Level 5, our Bears are getting maxed out in their levels, and they are more needs for Nest runs, trades and exchanging informations. Therefore I decided to create this blog to keep us updated on everything there is needed to know.

I will be posting regularly on this blog, and there will be information that new Bears need to understand. Do keep a lookout on this blog every now and then.

Right now they are still recruitment going on. Interested future Bears can PM the following in-game. If there are no replies immediately, do post a comment here and send a mail to me. I will follow up ASAP.

Guild Master: Sephonse
Veterans: YukiSnow, ReLaXx, Laxx, ShiroiAki

We are a 43-Bears-strong Guild. As of to-date, there are still 17 slots available.

Requirements into the Guild:

1. Bears must be friendly.
2. Bears must converse in English.
3. Bears can be from anywhere, no country preferences.
4. Bears can be of any level, but we hope you can be active regularly.
5. Bears must not scam fellow Bears.
6. Bears must try to be patient with other players, and not insult other players. If Bears were to get bullied, please inform the Bear-Keeper.
7. Bears must keep a lookout in this page often, and register yourself for any Nest runs you are interested.
8. Bears must always provide a discount if you are open for guild trades. Otherwise, you can just sell your goods in Auction House.
9. Bears do not need to offer Gold to the guild, donations are okay.
10. Bears must not beg for free gifts from fellow Bears.

Slots are available, first-come-first-serve!