Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to GummiBears!

Welcome to GummiBears!

We are a SG-based guild in Dragon Nest SEA, functional in Westwood Server.
Created on 28th August 2011, GummiBears' founders are a bunch of game-loving friends, and they have also taken up the role of Guild Master and Veterans.

The purpose of this blog is to keep our fellows Bears updated on the functions and features, news and additions of Dragon Nest SEA. Nest runs, guild trades and discussions will be planned and announced in this blog too.

Hello Bears and future Bears!
I am Sephonse, the friendly Bear-Keeper (guild master :)) of GummiBears.
As of 7th September we are at Guild Level 5, our Bears are getting maxed out in their levels, and they are more needs for Nest runs, trades and exchanging informations. Therefore I decided to create this blog to keep us updated on everything there is needed to know.

I will be posting regularly on this blog, and there will be information that new Bears need to understand. Do keep a lookout on this blog every now and then.

Right now they are still recruitment going on. Interested future Bears can PM the following in-game. If there are no replies immediately, do post a comment here and send a mail to me. I will follow up ASAP.

Guild Master: Sephonse
Veterans: YukiSnow, ReLaXx, Laxx, ShiroiAki

We are a 43-Bears-strong Guild. As of to-date, there are still 17 slots available.

Requirements into the Guild:

1. Bears must be friendly.
2. Bears must converse in English.
3. Bears can be from anywhere, no country preferences.
4. Bears can be of any level, but we hope you can be active regularly.
5. Bears must not scam fellow Bears.
6. Bears must try to be patient with other players, and not insult other players. If Bears were to get bullied, please inform the Bear-Keeper.
7. Bears must keep a lookout in this page often, and register yourself for any Nest runs you are interested.
8. Bears must always provide a discount if you are open for guild trades. Otherwise, you can just sell your goods in Auction House.
9. Bears do not need to offer Gold to the guild, donations are okay.
10. Bears must not beg for free gifts from fellow Bears.

Slots are available, first-come-first-serve!

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