Friday, September 9, 2011

Updates: Red Army Seal Drops finally!

Tomorrow is Saturday and all nest runs and Auction House limits will be reset at 9am (GMT+8)!

Most of us is aware that there have been an abyss bunny glitch where the bunny doesn't drop us Red Army Commander Seal to defeat the General Ummanba.

The patch of 8th September 2011 fixes this. All Level 23 and above abyss dungeon bunny will drop 2 seals for each person, regardless of character level.

Tested and Proven on Dark Tower Magic Institute Abyss mode:

Do note that that the limit for each week is still 7 times. If you are making a elf queen/ancient set, and you need tons of epic powders, 7 times per week is not enough certainly. With each seal you are permitted to enter into Minotaur Nest, but make sure that killing General Ummanba will consume a run.

To farm epic powders for your set:

1. Do not kill General Ummanba, leave the dungeon after getting your powders

2. Farm and bring in lots of seals, killing his 2 Mr.Cow minions will drop the powder

3. Check what kind of powder that your set needs, so that you do not roll for the powder that you can't use

4. Always be aware that epic powder is bindable and cant be sealed for selling purposes

Finally, TGIF!

Yours Sincerely,

Your friendly Bear-Keeper

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