Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bear's Beginner Tips #1: How To Level Up Fast

Hello Bears!

We have many new Bears player, and one of the most often asked question is:

How do I leave up fast??????

The answer is:

Main Quest, Sub Quest and Board Quest completion

Open up the map by pressing M

The Blue (!) means there is sub quests acceptable from it.

The Blue (?) means there is sub quests that is completed.

The love mark means there is friendship quests with that npc. (I will explain why it is important to be "friends" with npc in the next posts.)

And of course, a Yellow (!) are main quests and storyline of Dragon Nest.

Board Quests are acceptable in instances field, and they are normally situated outside the respective dungeons. Do note that you need to reach the level requirement of the dungeons in order for board quests to be available.

Completion of these quests gives an enormous amount of experience points and useful rewards (jewels, crafting materials and equipments). Most importantly, each quests have a specific story to it, which can help you to understand the world of Dragon Nest better.


1. Always complete Main Quests

2. Move on to sub quests and board quests

3. When you finish your last sub quests, you will certainly reach Level24

Tested and Tried by: The Bear-Keeper and her Veterans reached Lvl24 in 2~3 days! Remember to always check board quests before going into the dungeons. Accept 1 board quests so as to gain extra more experience points upon completing the dungeon runs.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Friendly Bear-Keeper

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