Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Unofficial PvP Team

GummiBears took up the Ancient Lane and welcome the public to come and PvP with us.

GummiBears: Rampage (SM), xTobi (PALA), Rinx (MERC), Sephonse (PALA)
Opponents: MERC, FU, PRZ, MERC

The pictures shall do the talking.

Opponent was well-balanced whereas we are full of melee and melee. Lost the 1st round but consecutively earn it back with..

Rinx's "3,2,1!"
3,2,1! is actually chiong in and full throttle :)

Victory of course!

End result.

The opponent challenge us to another round which was still victorious.

Bears please feedback to me if you are interested in Guild war of 4v4 or 8v8 so I can accept or send out invitations to other guilds.


Yours Sincerely

Your Friendly Bear-Keeper

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