Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bear's Beginner Tips #2: How to earn Gold Fast?

Hello Bears! Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival! Too many mooncakes have left me with 2 little ulcers, with the potential to develop into big ulcer :(

Today's topic is as above. There are many ways of earning gold fast. A straightforward way is call farming for gold. Players go into Prayer's Resting Place (Master mode is the most effective) for frequent dungeon runs. You can expect silvers, golds, rare equipments, high grade plates, crafting materials (poison pills) when you down Manticore Keruru. Minions also provide Rough Agates which you can sell at least 20Gold for a stack, and also green equipments and codes.

Blue codes can be sold for a good price in Auction House, and we npc chunks and chunks of green codes away.

And do you npc away those green equipments too? If your answer is YES, you are missing alot of gold right now.

How much does npc give you for an equipment? 2 Silvers 75 Coppers.
By utilizing the disassembler, you can earn 65 Silvers for each equipment.


You have to enhance all your green equipments to +6 ~ +8 with the Blacksmith first.
Go to the disassembler which are situated in Gray Ruins, Cristal Stream, Frost Valley and Shadow Forest. Activate the disassembler and right-click your enhanced green equipments into it. Click Extract.

Do note that success rate applies to the disassembler. There is no 100% chance.

You can get comet dust, spiral codes and vortex codes from the disassembler. Our job is to collect comet dust into a single stack of 100pieces at least.

The above picture is blurred.

Register your stack of comet dust into Auction House. The current market price (as of 13th Sep 2011) is 65 Silver per unit price, meaning that 1 stack of 100 pieces comet dust can fetch you a price of 65 Gold!

Start comet-dusting today!

Yours sincerely

Your friendly Bear-Keeper

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